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Dedicated To Helping People Break The Status Quo Through Better Education

To achieve great things, you must believe you can do great things. We believe all of our students are capable of not only changing their own lives for the better, but can also change their client’s lives in ways that creates lifelong memories.

The Scale Smart Team

Get to know our humble and empathetic team who is here to help you achieve your goals and change your life.

Lachie Pior

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Lucas Durante

Co-Founder & Head of Student Success

Lincoln McGregor

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Hyu Kawabe

Student Success Mentor

Sara Smith

Student Success Mentor

A Tale Of Two Ambitious Founders Who Started From Nothing

Live More, Experience More and Ahcieve More. Scale Smart.

Lachie and Lucas, Co-founders of Scale Smart are both so different, and so similar in many interesting ways. However, one thing they both have in common is their rise from humble beginnings. Here’s how it happened.

Meet Lachie Pior...

Born in Sydney, Australia.

D.O.B: 31/07/1998 (so I’m 22 as I’m writing this).

My story is a little longer than Lucases because I tend to ramble so I’ll go first.

Firstly, I’m just a normal guy. So no silver spoon or nothing. In fact, my family always struggled with a lack of money since I can remember. 

At school I was always the kid wearing $15 sneakers with holes in the bottom. I was wearing hand me down pants with rips big enough to let the freezing cold air flow in, but not big enough to justify me getting a new pair.

At school, I never had any money so I would always ask the other kids for money so I could buy food at the school cafeteria. This earnt me the nickname “the scab” because well you know… anyways.

This isn’t a ‘feel bad for me’ story because it actually has a very happy ending. However, I want you to understand I’m just some no name normal guy, from a below middle class family, who dreamt of something more.

The real motivation for me wasn’t so much the bullying I endured. All though it certainly helped. However, it was my parents. My biggest inspirations are my Dad and Mum. 

I’ve watched both of them (especially my Dad) slave away for decades to take care of me and my family. So all I ever wanted to do was take care of them and show them the same kindness they have shown me. I always dreamt of ensuring money no longer dictated the quality of their lives.

Fast forward a little, and I’m in my senior years of high school. School was never for me. I always knew that it was never going to give me the skills I really needed to be successful in life. 

I just looked at my teachers and never felt as if they were qualified to educate me on how to live life, considering so many of them hated their own lives. So after my senior years I decided to skip college/university and go straight into the workforce.

I started my first official corporate 9-5 job at the ripe old age of 19 working for one of the biggest media agencies in Australia (which they have told me I can’t name for legal reasons). I was actually the youngest in the office by about 5-years haha.

This was my first taste of “working for the man”. Those good old awkward chats by the water coolers. Wearing uncomfortable corporate attire every day and so on.

I was selling online newspaper ads and cheap websites to tradesmen. I would cold call about 100 tradies every single day. Then try to convince them to buy a website for about $2.5k over the phone. It was rough.

It was a hard slap in the face to go from sitting in a classroom, to cold calling 100 times a day, just trying to make a sale so I didn’t get fired. It was around this time I developed my hatred for working a 9-5 job.

I got told when to show up. What to do. When to leave. How much I got paid. When I could go on holidays and the list goes on! Plus, I was never going to be able to make enough to take care of my family at this place.


So I started researching how to make money online. That’s when I fell into the never ending loop of buying crappy online courses who never deliver on their promises.


I’ve literally tried everything to make money online. However, at the time my focus was on dropshipping. I was trying to make dropshipping work for a very long time while still grinding at this 9-5 job to cover the bills. 


Throughout this entire time I was contributing 95% of my salary to my family’s house payments because I was desperate to look after my parents. 


Now after losing $1,000’s in ad spend and failed attempts at starting a successful online business I had an idea…


Why don’t I get a job at a digital marketing agency so I can get paid to learn how to run ads? 


So that’s what I did. I got a job working at some no name marketing agency and learnt a little bit more about the basics of running ads on social media.


It was there that I met my brilliant (don’t tell him I said that) partner and friend Lucas Durante.

Meet Lucas Durante...

Born in Devenport, Tasmania.

D.O.B: 09/11/1994 (26 as of today).


I don’t want to steal Lachie’s thunder but I too came from a modest family family, despite my amazing parents doing everything in their power to provide for my sister and I. 


However, I’ll spare you the long winded story and hit you with the conclusion. Money wasn’t exactly a problem, but freedom was. My parents worked hard to provide the family, working jobs they didn’t love, to live a modest lifestyle.


I hated the fact that in order to live a modest lifestyle with no choices, I would need to trade 40hrs+ a week doing something I didn’t love, with no control as to where I could go or what I could have. I mean we all want to feel like we are in control of our lives and have a say in what happens.


So I learnt from a very young age from my surroundings that a lack of money meant a lack of control and freedom and that’s not something I wanted for myself, or those around me.




I did pretty well in school, unlike Lachie (sorry Lachie 😉 ). Which led me to going to college like almost everyone else I knew from my school.


You see, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life at the end of high school, so naturally everyone convinced me to go to college because it’s the “safe” option.


I studied Accounting and Economics. Pretty exciting stuff, right? Wrong.


The whole sitting in a lecture theatre for hours, taking notes, studying mile long textbooks and sitting completely artificial exams wasn’t my thing. 


But while I was at college a friend of mine from school got a 9-5 job at some corporate media agency selling newspaper ads and he told me to come work with him.

So just like Lachie, my first official corporate 9-5 job was me selling newspaper ads, to local businesses in my hometown of Launceston.


Funnily enough, everyone supported me getting this stale 9-5 job like I had just gotten a gold medal in the olympics for some reason.


But again it just wasn’t for me. I spent all day long going from car yard to car yard, literally taking photos of every single car to put in the newspaper ads. It was at this point in time it hit me…


Am I going to be doing this for the rest of  my life?


I took a moment to look around me and saw people who have been doing this for 40-years in a row. Same people. Same income. Same place. 40-years… no thanks!


So like Lachie, I stumbled my way into dropshipping. I just wanted to create a successful online business that gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.


While I was doing dropshipping, I started learning a little more about Facebook ads and other types of marketing by watching Youtube videos and I started to get really interested in how it worked. So I decided to drop out of college and quit my 9-5 corporate job. 


I thought to myself that getting a job at a marketing agency would be cool and would probably help me with my dropshipping and running ads (sound familiar?) so that’s exactly what I did.


I moved to Melbourne from Launceston and got a job at the same digital marketing agency Lachie was working at…

The Start Of Something That Would Change Thousands Of Lives Around The World...

Neither of us realised it at the time, Lachie speaking btw, but the moment Lucas and I met was the beginning of a movement that is now changing thousands of lives around the world for the better.


So we both got a job, at almost the same time, at this random marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia. One day the company did a team building event and we all had to drive about 30-minutes to this place for the activity.


I asked Lucas for a lift to the place and quite hesitantly, he said yes haha. Pretty funny looking back on it now. But on this drive to the activity we actually told each other our stories and how we got to where we are today. 


Now the first thing I learnt about Lucas was that I have far better taste in music than him (feel free to call me the AUX master).


But seriously, it was almost like looking in a mirror, because we both had almost an identical story as to where we came from, what we did to get here, and what we wanted to achieve moving forward.


So after working with each other a little bit at this agency, we both noticed there so many unaddressed problems slipping through the cracks.


Which led to a hypothetical question from Lucas himself… “what if we were to do this ourselves?”


That’s where Digital Knockout was born.


We started working from Lucas’s dining room table in his shoe boxed sized apartment. We honestly had no idea what we were doing. We were doing everything wrong and making so many mistakes. 


But we were hungry to succeed. We took every failure in our stride and worked tirelessly to make each decision right.

We worked from about 6am to 6pm 6-days a week for about 90-days straight. In that 90-days it grew from $0 to just over $40,000 per month in recurring revenue. 


We got really good at signing up new clients, running our own marketing and getting clients genuinely, life changing results.


It was around this time we had to move into our first proper office and hire our first full time employee. Which felt like a huge, exciting, yet scary step!

After seeing this level of success so fast, we got addicted to the feeling of ‘winning’ because we had both failed for so many years before haha.


It felt ecstatic we had finally found an online business model where we could genuinely make as much money as we wanted, take care of our families and add a lot of value to our clients lives.


It was totally unlike any other online business model all the ‘internet gurus’ were teaching us and everyone else. It was like we accidentally had struck gold by finding this online business model that almost nobody was really doing.


So we worked like absolute savages for the next 12-months and grew Digital Knockout into an online digital marketing agency that was producing better results than anyone in the marketplace.


We became known for not only marketing ourselves better than anyone else, but more importantly, marketing our clients businesses better than anyone else.


After a lot of hard work, mistakes and lessons learned we had grown Digital Knockout from a hypothetical question in a coffee worth to a company valued at over $10 million in 12-months and had to upgrade our office again to fit our quickly growing team.

What a hell of a ride that was. By the way. It’s never as easy as people make it out to be. Honestly, it was a very hard 12-months. However, it wasn’t nearly as hard as working for some else and giving up all our freedom for minimum wage so there’s that.

Igniting An Industry Revolutionizing Movement…

One night Lucas and I were getting some steaks and reflecting on our journey and we couldn’t help but ask each other…


Why do you think most people never successfully start an online business?


Now there’s many answers to that question. However we genuinely believe the main reason is due to a lack of honest, credible and simplest education around how to do that exactly.


You see, we spent YEARS joining so many online courses that promised the sun and delivered the moon. We noticed there was a recurring theme with all these fake gurus…


They always focused on teaching some over saturated get rich quick scheme’ that promised you could become a ‘millionaire overnight without having to be good at doing anything.


Which led us, and millions of others down a road of trying to find the “perfect winning product” or the “secret niche that will make me $100k”.


It’s not that we, or anyone else is super lazy, it’s just that we were looking up to these ‘successful’ people to give us the right guidance, and instead they led us astray.


So we decided to change that.


Lucas and I sat down and said let’s create an online program, community and family that prioritizes truth above all else.


Let’s create a simple step-by-step program that doesn’t focus on ‘get rich quick schemes’, but instead on how to swiftly develop very lucrative skills that people will pay you real money for long term.


So our students can quit their 9-5 job, replace their income and then some while travelling the world and spending more time with their friends or family.


We created a fully comprehensive online program, with better support and personal coaching then anything else in the world called MOvement Mastery.


Every single day we have the honour of helping students  just like us who dream of something more, yet don;t have the blueprint and tools to get there.


That’s why we created Movement Mastery as our way to help our former selves achieve freedom and take care of their families without buying into all the hype.


We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to listen to our stories and we hope that someday in the near future we can become a part of yours.


To your success,


Lachie Pior and Lucas Durante.


Co-Founders @ Scale Smart.

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